"Excellent bedside manner"

“As a doctor, I had fifteen years of experience with mild to most severe neurorehabilitation patients, and furthermore had been a clinical professor in the department of neurosurgery at Stanford Medical School. As patient, when I began with Dr. Steve, I was eight years beyond a two-level cervical fusion.

Dr. Steve has always demonstrated excellent "bedside manner" and clinical skills. Having a busy practice has never kept him from listening and collaborating with me on my care. He has shown a consistent ability to get right on target with my presenting problems and his adjustments have always been very helpful in symptom reduction (so much so that I don't go back often enough).

After two years of care, I volunteered this testimonial. Steve VeGodsky is in my opinion, an outstanding chiropractic physician that I have frequently recommended.”

- Dr. Matthew Bowen

"Extremely happy with the care I receive"

"Dr. Steve VeGodsky has been handling my chiropractic needs for just under a decade. I am extremely happy with the care I receive from Dr. Steve and his staff.

Because I travel a lot and frequently have scheduling difficulties, many times I have called on the spur of a moment with a back crisis and his office has worked me into the schedule. This extra effort on the part of Dr. Steve and staff has meant a great deal to me.”

- Brett Dieter

"Less pain on a daily basis"

“I began seeing Dr. Steve VeGodsky a few months ago, and can say that the care I receive at Chiropractic Family Wellness Center is the best I have ever received in my history of dealing with back pain.

Other care givers I have seen have given me marginal results, but Dr. Steve has given me a higher quality of life. I have less pain on a daily basis than I have felt in years; thanks to all of the staff at Chiropractic Family Wellness Center.”

Thanks to all of you,

- David Brinton

"A gifted healer"

“Dr. Steve is not only a very professional chiropractor, but also a very spiritual person and gifted healer. I came to his office with very chronic, severe middle back pain and clearly evident signs of scoliosis, which I feel were at least partially caused by emotional trauma.

Thanks to Dr. Steve, in about 5 months, the pain was completely gone and my spine gained back its natural curve and flexibility. Most importantly, I feel that being healthy physically, help me to also heal my emotional state and restore my energy.

I strongly recommend anyone to visit Dr. Steve and trust him not only your body, but with your entire well-being. Thank you Dr. Steve!"

All the best,

- Irma

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